Looks like doors are re-opening…  Time to get to FUPPin’ work!


 FUPP is here to connect and support freelancers, production and tour managers, producers, service suppliers, creatives and professionals across the Live Events and TV industries.  Join our tribe of FUPPers and we’ll give you all the tools and support you need to get back to doing what you love!

Join our tribe and re-connect!

What the FUPP is it?

FUPP runs like a digital ‘members only’ club, offering a private, secure space where you can connect, create and find new opportunities. We are here to help you get back to work, by growing your network of industry connections, managing your contacts, and allowing you to manage jobs and receive job offers INSTANTLY using our bespoke web and mobile apps! 

Inspired  and co-designed by industry insiders, FUPP helps you to:

  • Connect to your peers and expand your network to new opportunities
  • Manage your jobs, crew and calendars efficiently
  • Promote your profile, your business and your projects in style

Who the FUPP are you?

There are 4 main membership ‘identities’.  Are you a…….

  • FUPPerFreelancer looking to make connections, manage contacts, and fill your diary with new work opportunities
  • MotherFUPPerProduction/tour managers, producers or anyone managing teams of freelancers, whilst freelancing yourself
  • SUPPlierService supplier, hire and production companies who need to manage your freelancers as well as promote your business
  • PUPPNew to the industry. Here to find opportunities, get involved, learn and be inspired

Freelancers, stay in touch

For freelancers (or FUPPers as we like to call you!) our bespoke mobile app INSTANTLY connects you to the latest job opportunities, helps grow your network and ensures you’re the first to know if something’s happening!

Why join FUPP Club? FUPP is designed to take the headache out of getting jobs, and staying in touch with the industry connections that make the magic happen. The FUPP mobile app provides:

  • INSTANT availability checks and responses to job requests
  • bespoke professional profile builder
  • intuitive connection and recommendation system
  • private messaging platform for job related communication

How do I get in?  FUPP is a vetted, members only club.  You can get instant access via a Fupp Buddy Code invite from an existing member. Or simply click below register for an account.  You’ll need proof of belonging to the industry to be validated.

What’s it going to cost me?  FUPP is FREE to join for all industry freelancers. The basic ‘Club’ FREE membership will get you everything you need to stay connected, and receive jobs requests from your connections.  The premium ‘Pro’ membership then offers additional services for those who want more out of the club!


 Suppliers and managers, stay in control

For suppliers and managers (or ‘MotherFUPPers’ as we call you!), our brand new Web App has been designed to soothe the headache of finding people quickly!

 The web-app helps you:

  • Connect with your freelance workforce, colleagues and partners in one place
  • Schedule and manage jobs smoothly with our bespoke job software
  • Find crew in minutes with our INSTANT ‘availability check’ function
  • Build and manage your networks using our recommendation and  ‘bubble’ tools
  • Get access to amazing new features in the pipeline for 2021!

How can i join? Simply register using the link at the top of the page, or if you’d like to learn more, book a personalized demo below. Once your account is set up you can quickly invite your existing pool of freelancers to the platform, and create your first job in minutes!

And also if you’re looking to grow your team, our government-funded Kickstart programme can help you employ amazing young people at Zero cost to your business. Learn more here.

Membership Levels

In these tough times, FUPP are offering extended free trials to all!

Your club!

FUPP was born to serve the industry and create opportunities, which are needed now more than ever!  We’ll endeavour to keep shaping the club in a way that is congruent with the industry needs and it’s members.  So if you have any questions, comments or ideas as to what you’d like to see developing in FUPP please let us know.  We’re here to make things better!

Your data, privacy and professional integrity is very important to us.  Like any member’s club, FUPP runs a code of conduct and ask members to take full responsibility for any job posting, pitching and messaging. We are ICO registered and fully GDPR compliant and we simply do no share any data to 3rd parties. So you can connect with whoever you wish to, safe in the knowledge that what goes on in the club, stays in the club!

Because of the impact of COVID-19 in our industry, FUPP will try and help in any way we can.  This is why our FUPP Club membership is free for life, and Pro,  Manager and Company memberships are currently offered free of charge for the first 3 months.

We look forward to welcoming you to the club!

Kickstart your business with fully-funded employees

Understanding the challenges currently facing creative industries, FUPP have teamed up with entrepreneurial charity Grow Inspires, to offer a bespoke industry-led Kickstarter programme. The government-funded placements will enable everyone working in the industry to bring on board 1 or more young people (aged 16-24), at zero cost to your own business. In fact you’ll even be given cash to help you get started, and your Kickstarter will be trained and mentored by fantastic industry freelancers!

About us

Stefano Serpagli – Instigator and Founder.  23 years working as a freelancer in the industry in both live events and TV!  Having experienced both sides of looking for and providing work opportunities, I understand the current limitations of freelance recruitment and want to give the industry a better option!  Our industry is heavily reliant on freelancers and and this is what drove me to create FUPP!

Gianluca Bonetti – CTO (CTO normally stands for Chief Technical Officer, but I prefer Clever and Tech Obsessed!). 20+ years as a software programmer, Gianluca loves anything tech related and loves a challenge!

Kirsten Jack – Head of Operations.  A very talented and experience start-up tech entrepreneur herself, Kirsten is here to build the club and platform in a fully sustainable and successful operation!

FUPP has also been assisted by many contributors from all aspects of the industry.  Producers, tour and production managers, service companies, and freelancers from all different fields have contributed to the making of this app.  We love and thank you all!


For more info please contact the FUPP team at admin@fupp.me. We’re happy to assist you and answer any questions regarding FUPP! 

Our Partners

FUPP are proud supporters of #WeNeedCrew!

The #WeNeedCrew! mission is simple, we want to raise funds for We Make Event’s chosen charity so any of our touring family who are facing difficulty can reach out for help. We need your support and we need the government to pay attention. ‘By touring crew, for touring crew, supported by artists’

FUPP Limited are a UK Registered Company No 11257367 and also ICO registered company No ZA647970 for data handling under GDPR rules.