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Code of Conduct

FUPP has been conceived as a positive, productive, professional and fun environment where freelancers, as well as others in the industry, can share work opportunities, as well as knowledge, resources, contacts and many other things. The intention of FUPP is to create a digital ‘members club’ in which members can feel free and safe to do so. This is not Facefook, Instapram, Plinked In or any other generic platform that wants anyone to join and discuss anything with anyone! FUPP is different and we pride ourselves of being so. We just ask members to use their common sense and take responsibility for what they post.  Any job posted, chat group created or information shared within these are strictly confidential to FUPPers and should therefore abide to our code of conduct whilst using the app, website and other services affiliated with FUPP.

  1. No name dropping! – Yes, we’ve all been guilty of it at some point in our career, some more than others 😉 but there is no need on any of the job posts to mention any direct name of artist, production or event. Therefore we ask not do include these in your job posts and just stick to the basic information. Once you’ve pitched your availability and the poster has contacted you via message, then the poster is free to divulge more detailed information. That information exchange and it’s origin it’s strictly the responsibility of the poster and the candidate.
  2. What goes on in FUPP, stays in FUPP – Any information shared in FUPP will be protected as per our T&Cs and the GDPR rules. Under no circumstances should any job post or message information be shared to 3rd parties without the consent of the poster. People who may be interested in the job post should sign up to the app and register like everyone else in order to access the information and agree to the T&Cs.
  3. Respect the platform and it’s members – When posting jobs, writing messages or pitching availability, notifications are sent and received and members rely on the information provided. Please be conscious of this and use the platform features sensibly! Don’t be the annoying person that keeps ringing the bell on the bus! You know what I mean……
  4. Abusers will be kicked out – Anyone found posting inaccurate or misleading information or using the platform to deceive or manipulate, as well as providing false information or using the platform to intimidate or undermine anyone, will not only be disqualified but could potentially be prosecuted. You data is safe within FUPP, however if any illegal activity is suspected we will be obliged to provide evidence in order to protect it’s members against any wrong doing. Members are ultimately responsible for what they share, but if you want to play dirty, you can do it somewhere else!
  5. Spread the word – The basis of the FUPP is to replicate the industry’s ‘word-of-mouth’ system and bringing it to the digital realm in order to create the same community here too. The only way it can be done is to spread the word and get people to sign up and register. FUPP is only as strong as it’s members, the more the club evolves, the more opportunities it will be able to provide.  It’s up to you to make it a success!
  6. Keep us informed – As part of our commitment to serve and create the best possible environment for you, we need your feedback and suggestions to continue to make FUPP as good as it can possibly be. If you have anything to say regarding the app, site or services and want to let us know (good or bad, we can handle it all!) DO! Again, this is YOUR club and you have a voice within it, so speak up!

Anything you’d like to see or you wanna tell us, please do by emailing us at