Let’s kickstart a return to creativity!

We’re so excited that you’re on the road to taking on amazing young people in your business.  To help with your next steps we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions. But if you still can’t find the information you need, then just book a call here and we’ll help get you started!

Am i eligible to apply to Kickstarter?

You must be a registered Limited company with at least 1 year’s accounts.  However, there are other ways of being involved if this doesn’t apply to you (just get in touch).  

To protect existing employees, the roles proposed can’t replace the jobs of people on furlough, or replace people recently made redundant. There is no limit to the number of young people you can take on, but it must be in proportion to the size of your business.  We can advise on numbers here….

You must be able to get the Kickstarter on your payroll system.  Wages will be reimbursed by HMRC.  If you have concerns over payroll or contracting issues, we can assist on that too!

If you’d like more information, please contact kirsten@fupp.me or book a call to have an informal chat.

How does it work? Talk me through step by step....

You can apply here to adopt 1 or more Kickstarters to work in your business. If your request is approved then you’ll be able to take on Kickstarters and have them working in your business for 25 hours per week for FREE! 

Step 1: Make an application to take on Kickstarters here

Step 2: Get approval from Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) approx 4-6 weeks after your submit your application

Step 3: Sign your employer agreement

Step 4: Create jobs descriptions for your roles and submit to DWP for recruitment

Step 5: Receive applications from amazing young people, and select the best candidate for you

Step 6: Hire your Kickstarters, sign them up for payroll and receive your training grant

Step 7: Your Kickstarter is assigned a mentor and begins their 5 month training programme (commitment of 1 hour per week)

Step 8: Pay your Kickstarter each month via PAYE, and wages, NI and pension costs are refunded monthly in arrears using the information from your PAYE submission

I've made my application, what next?

Your application will now be submitted to the Department of Work and Pensions for approval. This normally takes 4-6 weeks. Once your application is approved you will then be asked to sign an employer agreement which sets out the grant arrangements, after which you’ll be able to begin recruiting your Kickstarters!

How does FUPP help?

Companies taking on less that 30 Kickstarters must do so via an ‘aggregator’. These are registered organisations responsible for managing the programme on behalf of Department of Work and Pensions (DWP). Aggregators manage scheme applications, ensure that grant payments reach employers, and are also responsible for supporting employers and providing employability training. 

FUPP has teamed up with registered aggregator and charity Grow Inspires to put together a dedicated Kickstarter programme aimed at the live events and creative industries. Recognising the unique needs and structure of these industries, the programme will support cohorts of employers and their Kickstarters with application, recruitment and on-boarding support, a dedicated industry mentor for each Kickstarter, and a 5 month programme of employability and skills training where Kickstarters can get to know their peers, and get a fantastic start to their career.

For more information about our tailored training programmes and employer support contact kirsten@fupp.me 

How is the scheme funded?

The government has provided £2bn to help get young people into jobs and avoid a ‘lost generation’. 

The government provides a grant which covers all wage, pension and national insurance costs (at minimum wage) as well as £1500 to cover training costs. It is a requirement of the placement that the Kickstarter be provided with employability and workplace training. Including help developing their CV, providing career, job search and interview advice, and training on early career skills such as communication, time and project management and team working.

For employers taking on less than 30 employees it is the responsibility of organisation managing the application (FUPP and GrowInspire) to ensure that this training is provided. For this reason FUPP takes responsibility for providing this training in line with government requirements, and also provides support to businesses in defining kickstarter roles, recruiting great candidates from diverse backgrounds, onboarding kickstarters and setting them up with an industry mentor.

From the £1500 available for training, £500 goes direct to employers to help with costs such as equipment and payroll. FUPP and Grow Inspires then uses  £750 of the fee to provide support to employers in recruiting, onboarding and kickstarter support, and provides a comprehensive programme of training and support for Kickstarters. Finally every Kickstarter on our programme gets an industry mentor who we pay £250, as we recognise the significant hardship that creative freelancers are experiencing at this time.

Who can i employ?

All Kickstarters are recruited from the pool of young people currently on Universal Credit. The number of people claiming Universal Credit is already the highest the UK has seen since 1986 and as a result the unemployed population has never been more skilled, motivated or diverse. Many claimants are those who have been made redundant and have existing experience, many are just starting out and eager for any chance to learn and apply themselves, and many are recent graduates of higher education who have very few job prospects available to them.

The pool of candidates available may never be as strong as what we have right now. This is an ideal opportunity to get quality, reliable staff with none of the risk, or expense that would usually be incurred.

More Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to pay more than the minimum wage?

You can pay more than the minimum wage, if you wish, but the difference in both wages & NI contributions needs to be covered by you.

What if I need someone for more than 25 hours per week?

The employee can work more than 25 hours, however the wage costs and NI contributions for the additional time will need to be covered by you.

I don’t have a physical office, can I take someone on remotely?

Yes. Many businesses are operating remotely due to the pandemic. You will be expected to set up a good communications channel and regular virtual meetings with your employees but there are no restrictions on employing someone remotely.

Can I move them on to an apprenticeship at the end of their placement?

Yes. You can move any Kickstart employee on to an apprenticeship, at the end of their 6 month placement.

Am I obligated to take someone, even if none of the applicants are a good fit?

No. You are not obligated to take any of the candidates who apply. Our advice is to concentrate on writing a good job description which will help to find the most suitable candidates. Feedback can be provided and we can work with you to find the best person for the role.

Can you do it in stages?

Yes. If you want to take on Kickstart employees in stages that’s not a problem.

What happens if the employee leaves? Do I have to repay the grant?

No, if an employee leaves of their own accord you do not need to repay the grant.

Am I eligible as a sole trader with no current employees?

We are currently awaiting confirmation from the DWP on this matter and will update this information, as and when we receive it from the DWP. Latest communications suggest that only registred companies, with more than 1 year trading and at least one year of accounts having already been submitted.

FUPP Limited are a UK Registered Company No 11257367 and also ICO registered company No ZA647970 for data handling under GDPR rules.